Your Guide to Relaxation: Just Add Water

February 9, 2021

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It’s the end of a long hard day. You are tired, head is spinning from all of the days excitement and what you really want to do more than anything, is shut down. Turn off all the noise and traffic of the day. Bring yourself back to a calm state where all that matters is peace and serenity. We all know that a nice hot bath can do all these things for you but lets turn your bathroom into an oasis if only for a moment in time. Looking for the perfect bath? Find yours at Mirolin. With freestanding, alcove, skirted and bath/shower combinations; we’ve got your covered.

First put your hair up, grab a cozy robe, bath towel and get ready.

Run water to your perfect temperature. Too hot will make you woozy and not hot enough won’t aid in muscle relaxation as well. Add some epsom salts or a bath bomb to further release the tension from your overly tight muscles.

Light some scented candles. Be sure to put them on a counter or a place where the flame is away from any items that could catch fire. The flickering flame and the fabulous scent will immediately immerse you into a relaxed state.

Find some great music. Something relaxing and mellow to fully take your head to another space. Create a “bath time” playlist.

Bring your favourite face scrubs, masks, exfoliators. Now is a perfect time to do a make shift facial.

Ensure to bring water, tea or something hydrating. You will be soaking for a little bit after all!

Lay back, relax and soak your stresses away!

HINT: Once you have completed your bath, ensure to keep the relaxation momentum going. Crawl into bed with a book (no electronics) and read until you are gently whisked off to sleep.

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