Trends to Follow in 2019

March 4, 2019

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Here is a consolidated list of the top 7 bathroom trends happening in 2019

1. Black Bathrooms – now that makes a statement. Black bathrooms are hitting the scene this year from walls, to vanities, sinks and fixtures.

2. Marble – Marble is hot in 2019. Countertops, floors or walls. Marble is a great focal point regardless of how you use it.

3. Statement Art – Adding a bold piece of art is trending this year. Like other rooms in your house, adding art will change the feel of the space and a
good way to add some fresh colour.

4. Wallpaper – Powder rooms are coming alive with wall paper. The bigger the pattern the better.

5. Concrete – Although thought of as cold and dismal, concrete is an exciting choice for 2019. Concrete can be used in sink, countertops, walls or
floors. Mix it with other natural elements for a great new feel.

6. Exposed Plumbing – what was once a designers dream is back again. No longer are we hiding all the hardware. Adding exposed hardware to a modern
bathroom gives it a clean minimalist feel.

7. Wooden Vanities – wooden vanities are making a comeback and adding some warmth to your room. Reclaimed wood or stained in a shade of your choice.
This is one element that is a must have.

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