Secrets of a Blissed-Out Bath

August 18, 2021

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Featured Image:Adda™ Drop-In Bath

The best baths are a little ooh, a little ahh, and a little spa. And they must be practical, too. We break down the secret recipe.

Make it (Look) Big

When it comes to baths,  small and spa-like aren’t mutually exclusive – you just have to trick the eye. Make smaller spaces seem bigger with extra-large tiles, floating cabinets, and glass shower enclosures. Another approach is to use shimmery glass tile or paint to reflect light which makes the space seem more open.

Store Smarter

A cluttered countertop is the best way to ruin a good design, so put that hairspray away. Keep your counters clean with slide-out shelves installed inside cabinetry and vanities with several smaller drawers. Add a linen tower, recessed niches, or suspended shelves for bonus storage.

Stick with Stone

Natural stone is timeless in the bathroom. The vivid colours and unique texture of the stone creates a luxurious, spa-like feel. Think you can’t afford it? Purchase a remnant slab you love for your countertop and design the space around it. Or use stone in small doses, such as a vertical strip from the shower floor to the ceiling.


Plumbing fixtures are functional, but they are also the jewelry in the room. Consider a shower system that provide a luxurious experience, like having multiple showerheads, or soaker jets in the bathtub.

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