Can I install my acrylic tub/shower in a cottage with no heat in the winter?
Mirolin acrylic/fiberglass units can be installed in areas with no heat.

What colours can I order my tub in?
Most of our products are available in white, bone and biscuit.

What is the warranty on my Mirolin product?
Click here to go to our Warranty page.

Where do I find my product serial number?
The serial number can be located on the product packaging, the Mirolin warranty card that came with the product, on the Mirolin logo on the product surface, and on a sticker on the fiberglass side of the product.

Can chips and cracks be repaired?
Most chips, cracks or other damage to the acrylic/fiberglass can be repaired on-site by an acrylic repair technician.

How do I remove a scratch in the acrylic surface?
Click here to open and print our maintenance guide.

How do I clean my tub?
Click here to open and print our maintenance guide.

Can I use (brand of cleaning product) on my tub?
We do not test cleaning products. If you are unsure if it can be used safely, please contact the manufacturer of the cleaning product to see if it can be used on engineered acrylic.

My tub is making a cracking sound
Minor creaking and cracking sounds are normal for a couple of weeks after installation.

What silicone should I use?
We recommend 100% silicone – we do not recommend a particular brand name as we do not do silicone testing.

Can I order replacement parts for my tub or shower door?
Please contact support@mirolin.com for assistance.

Can I use Epsom salts in my tub?
Epsom salts are safe to use. You should ensure the salts are fully dissolved in the water before entering the tub. You should also clean the tub with soap and water after using the salts to ensure no residue is left on the acrylic surface.

Can I use essential oils in my tub?
We do not recommend using essential oils. Our install and care guides note that you should not use aromatic solvents. Essential oils are a type of aromatic solvent. While safe to use on the skin, they have an adverse reaction when coming in contact with plastics.

Does Mirolin offer installation service or have a list of recommended installers?
We unfortunately do not provide install services or have a list of recommended installers.

Where can I buy or get prices on Mirolin tubs?
A Mirolin dealer would be able to provide you with prices and availability. Click here to find a dealer.