Our Commitment to the Environment 2017-04-08T07:14:44+00:00

Our Promise

Mirolin is deeply committed to being a responsible corporate citizen. We promote on-going conscientious practices in both manufacturing and in day-to-day operations. Mirolin is constantly looking for new ways to produce less manufacturing waste. We operate our manufacturing facilities as efficiently as possible with conservation of energy and the environment in mind.

Mirolin Will Continue To…

  • Employ company-wide recycling programs in all our facilities
  • Adhere to responsible manufacturing practices
  • Carefully manage material sourcing, process improvement, and supplier selection
  • Develop and manufacture products using materials that have less impact on the environment
  • Promote and expand recycling programs in place with suppliers
  • Identify ways to reduce energy consumption and strive to operate energy efficiently
  • Print documents and marketing materials on FSC certified paper products, whenever possible
  • Use corrugated materials made only from 100% recycled materials in packaging of products
  • Strive to source packaging materials that can be recycled by our customers
  • Provide on-going education to our employees on ways to be more eco-friendly at home and work