Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy has been used for years to increase circulation, bring a sense of calm to patients, relax sore muscles and treat health issues to name a few. There are many other benefits such as:

Emotional Benefits
  • increases overall sense of relaxation
  • creates a calming effect
  • creates a feeling of well being while reducing anxiety
  • creates awareness of body-mind connection, enhances a sense of harmony
Muscular System
  • relaxes and stimulates muscles
  • relaxes chronic muscle tension and pain
  • reduces physical fatigue
  • release muscle spasms and cramps
Skeletal System
  • helps to maintain correct posture and balance
  • reduced muscular tension eases structural problems
  • helps to loosen joints
  • relieves tension on ligaments
  • improves circulation to nourish the skin
  • activates neurons and nerve receptors to the skin
  • helps unlock and eliminate fatty deposits
Circulatory Benefits
  • increased supply of oxygen and nutrients to cells throughout the body
  • blood circulation is improved
  • lymph fluid is moved efficiently throughout the body