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Hydrotherapy has been used for years to increase circulation, bring a sense of calm to patients, relax sore muscles and treat health issues to name a few.


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How to Get the Best Reflection in Your Mirror

Featured Image: Calago™ Acrylic Freestanding Bath We all want our mirrors to give the best possible reflection. Depending on the quality of your mirror or its placement in your home, the likeness reflected back may not be the most accurate. Thankfully, there are simple ways to ensure your mirror is always in peak quality. Follow these […]

June 28, 2021
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How a Towel Bar Can Save Your Life

Featured Image: Nuan™ Freestanding Bath As we age, few of us want to turn our beloved nests into institutional settings that look more “retirement village” than “home sweet home.” But if you plan to age in place—the term for living in your current home as you get older, rather than moving to a senior residence — […]

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Choosing the Best Lighting for Your Bathroom

Featured Image: Sussex™ Acrylic Freestanding Bath There’s much to consider when brightening up a room, and lighting is an important detail. The right lights will not only let you see but will also give your space a serious style makeover. To make the process of selecting the right light both easy and successful, we’ve listed everything […]

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5 Tips to Get Your Bathroom Spring Ready

It’s not a secret that we long for sunny warm days. The good news is that spring is not far. With spring, comes spring cleaning. A great time to   brighten up your rooms! Here are some tips to bring a little spring into your bathroom.

April 22, 2021
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Your Guide to Relaxation: Just Add Water

It’s the end of a long hard day. You are tired, head is spinning from all of the days excitement and what you really want to do more than anything, is shut down. Turn off all the noise and traffic of the day. Bring yourself back to a calm state where all that matters is […]

February 9, 2021
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Bathtub Options: What Are They?

Featured Image: Sutton™ Two Piece Tub Shower Choosing a new bathtub is fun but can also be a very stressful experience too. There are many styles, sizes and types to choose from. From Freestanding to traditional Alcove, each tub fulfills a different bathroom design need. Making your choice will depend on space available, design of bathroom […]

December 11, 2020