Aging Gracefully and Safely

September 29, 2017

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With the aging population, our elderly continue to look for products that will ease the difficulty in bathing.  Growing older is inevitable.  In the past few years we’ve seen a strong surge in free living products particularly with it comes to bathing.  They want something that is comfortable and accessible without compromising good looks.

For generations of family safety, Mirolin has created a safe bath environment that is equally important for every member of your family especially when the majority of accidents in the home occur in the bathroom.  Your family’s safety is always a priority and with the Mirolin Free Living Series you don’t have to compromise safety in the bathroom.

The Free Living Series offers you a solution with a safety-first approach that will not only benefit you and your family at different stages of your lives, but also increase accessibility and comfort for family members and guests of all ages and abilities.

Whether you have young children just starting to shower on their own, a teenager with a sports injury, and elderly family member or just want the convenience of getting in and out of the bath or shower with ease; The Free Living Series gives you that freedom.

The Free Living Series by Mirolin offers you and your family peace of mind when bathing without compromising on style.  The choice is in your hands with design options that allow you to choose the configurations that suit your style and specific needs today and tomorrow.

Designed today, Freedom for Life.

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