Empire Tub Showers


59 1/2” Multi Piece Tub Shower


    - Sloped lumbar support
    - Built in acrylic towel bar
    - Above floor rough-in
    - Generous Shelving
    - Patterned bottom


    59 ½” x 31” x 85 ½”

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Curtain Rod

    CR55 (Heavy Gauge Straight Bar)
    CCR55 (Heavy Gauge Curved Bar)

Bypass Tub Shower Door

    BD52PS (Plain, Silver)
    BD52MS (Mystique, Silver)

Framed Bypass Series - Tub Shower Doors

    LDT60AS (Pebble, Silver)

Dome Light

    - Miracle Acrylic Repair Kit
    - Specify White, Bone or Biscuit
    - Chrome Dome Light
    - White Dome Light

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