AddaDrop-in Baths


60” Drop-In Bath


    - Available with 4”, 2” and SlimLine™ profiles
    - Allows for top, flush or under mount installation
    - Accepts deck mounted faucet
    - Sloped lumbar support
    - Above floor rough-in
    - Patterned bottom


    60” x 32” x 22”

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    BO65 (4” profile)
    BO652 (2” profile)
    BO65S (SlimLine™)

Whirlpool Options

    Factory Installed Whirlpool Heater
    Upgrade to Polished Chrome
    Upgrade to Brushed Nickel

Soaker Bulk Pack

    BO65-8 - 8 Pack (4” profile)
    BO652-8 - 8 Pack (2” profile)
    BO65S-8 - 8 Pack (SlimLine™)

Tile Flange Kit


Whirlpool - Back Jets

    WB65 (4” profile)
    WB652 (2” profile)
    WB65S (SlimLine™)
    6 side jets, 2 foot jets, 5 spinner back jets

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