Gryphon Alcove Baths


60” Alcove Bath


    - Integral tile flange
    - Sloped lumbar support
    - Convenient dual armrests
    - Above floor rough-in
    - Available in left/right configuration
    - 2" Profile
    - Patterned bottom


    60” x 30” x 20”

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    GR6030 L/R

Aspis Series - Hinged Bathtub Shield

    HSB40PSL/R (Plain, Silver)

Roll Top Series - Bathtub Door

    RT60BTPS (Plain, Silver)

Bypass Bathtub Door

    BDT60PS (Plain, Silver)
    BDT60MS (Mystique, Silver)

Elemento - Roll Top Bathtub Door

    RDB60PS (Plain, Silver)

Framed Bypass Bathtub Door

    LDT60AS (Pebble, Silver)

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